Rising Damp

Structural problems with buildings is often the root cause of rising damp. The problem occurs when rising groundwater saturates internal wall. The issue is further compounded by the pollutnats within the water which can cause damage to the building materials. Over time the persistent dampness in the walls leads to mould, blistering and peeling of paint and wallpaper, and damaged surface renders.

One of the most common reasons for rising damp, particularly in older buildings, is the lack of a Damp Proof Course (DPC) but an incorrectly installed or damaged DPC can also be the root cause of rising damp. Although buildings from as early as the start of the 20th century buildings were being damp proofed against rising damp and relevant building regulations were introduced these were not always adhered to and some of these DPCs will have become damaged over time.

SHD Property Care can identify the cause of the rising damp issue and carry out remedial work to fix the problem. There are a number of options available including installing a remedial DPC and subsequent renovation of the damaged walls.

How to tell if you have Rising Damp

Rising damp can often be identified visually on both internal and external walls:

Internal Walls

Internally rising damp can be identified with decaying timbers and skirting boards, efflorescence on wall, damp areas, mould patches and peeling/blistering paint and wallpaper.

Decaying skirting boards or timber

Efflorescence on interior walls

Visible damp patches on walls

Black, green and white mould growth

Peeling and blistering of wallpapers and paints

External Walls

On exterior walls rising damp can often be seen as discolouration and corrosion of the surface of the wall.

Efflorescence on exterior walls

Corrosion of bricks and mortar

Discolouration on exterior Walls

Identifying Rising Damp with an Electrical Moisture Meter

Using an electrical moisture meter to survey the property allows a moisture profile for each wall to be built up. This helps to establish the pattern of dampness along the wall, the severity of the problem and informs the treatment strategy.

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